Following our Traditions

“And Jacob set a pillar upon Rachel’s grave” – Genesis 32:20

Serenity and peacefulness describe the feeling throughout the cemetery, allowing for family and friends to find comfort long after the burial is over. Mt. Sinai offers monuments and other memorial options to honor a loved one, while at the same time honoring and respecting Jewish customs as well as family wishes. Choosing the perfect memorial is a reflection of the life that was lived and the legacy that remains for future generations. A permanent monument is required to be in place within a year of the service.

Creating the Perfect Memorial

We understand that selecting a monument can be an overwhelming task. Our Family Counselors work with you every step of the way to ensure you choose  a memorial that uniquely reflects your loved one and celebrates a life well lived. Each memorial we design is customized to suit the family, and a proof allows the family to see and approve the design before it is engraved on the stone.

We make the process simple so you will have the peace of mind and know that the memorial you've chosen will be a perfect and lasting reflection of your loved one. Place your trust in Mt. Sinai to help you create and install a monument that will be a constant source of inspiration for the living and a beautiful reflection of the unique life it represents.


At Mt. Sinai, all permanent grave monuments are above ground, and available in several styles. They are made of solid granite with a choice of many beautiful colors to complement the desert surroundings. The style and size of the monument or memorial, the inscription, and a phrase of endearment are all choices that make a memorial unique and personal. In Jewish tradition, the inscription will include the English and Hebrew name of the decreased, as well as the Hebrew date of passing (the Yahrzeit date).


A variety of benches are available as an additional memorial to most traditional grave sites. For many, the bench provides a quiet place to rest and remember.  A bench is included in the private and semi-private estates. The bench can also be inscribed.

Yahrzeit Light

Yahrzeit is the anniversary of the death according to the Hebrew calendar. It is customary to honor a loved one’s memory by lighting a candle which burns for 24 hours. The Yahrzeit light available at Mt. Sinai sits on the grave in front of the monument, and holds a memorial candle. As is the custom, the candle will be lit on the eve of the deceased’s Yahrzeit date by Mt. Sinai for a specified number of years. To learn more about the Yahrzeit traditions visit the Yahrzeit Calendar.

How Do I Get Started?

After a loss, families need time to mourn, and sometimes to find the ‘new normal’ in their lives. Mt. Sinai will contact them 4-5 months after their loss to suggest starting the memorial process. It may seem early, but depending on the granite chosen for the monument, or alternative memorial, it can be several months before it is delivered and installed. If you wish to arrange for the permanent memorial earlier than our time frame, please call us and we will set up a time to get together. (480) 585-6060

 At a time of loss, great comfort comes from embracing the rich traditions of our Jewish faith.