Outstanding service is our #1 priority

We have always made outstanding customer service our #1 priority and we are honored to be a trusted partner in the community.

Ira Mann

General Manager

Ira joined the staff in 2016 and believes he was always meant to be here. His engaging smile and warm personality are a winning combination, and his families can feel his sincerity and compassion. He goes out of his way to strengthen the cemetery’s good will and reputation. He can be reached at

Wendy Konick

Family Counselor

Wendy joined the staff in 2009, and is not only extremely capable but very personable. She continues to spread her positive energy and sensitivity to everyone with whom she comes into contact. Her families continue to stop by and visit with her. She can be reached at

Darlayne Byer

Office Manager

Darlayne has been with Mt. Sinai since 2005, having arrived with many years of cemetery experience both in California and Arizona. Her attention to detail and her organizational skills are the reasons your information and arrangements can be trusted to Mt. Sinai for years to come. She can be reached at

Ben Wilson

Grounds Superintendent

Ben has been with Mt. Sinai since 2005, and had years of prior experience on the grounds of other cemeteries. He takes great pride in the appearance and development of the cemetery grounds, knowing that your image of the cemetery needs to reflect our care and concern for the community.

For general inquiries, please contact us at or (480) 585-6060.

At a time of loss, great comfort comes from embracing the rich traditions of our Jewish faith.