Cemetery Choices

Mt. Sinai has many unique features. Paved Walkways in front of every grave and inurnment space provide the utmost respect to the deceased, as visitors can easily visit their loved ones without stepping on another’s grave. The outdoor Pavilion at Mt. Sinai provides a convenient and beautiful setting for the funeral or memorial service in the same locale as the burial.

Mt. Sinai offers many burial options, whether you are interested in traditional Jewish burial or alternative choices such as cremation. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and give you a comprehensive tour of the cemetery. By doing so, we can assist in finding the right place for you at  Mt. Sinai, and discuss the pricing and payment options we offer.

As a desert cemetery, Mt. Sinai is unique in design. Click on the Photo Gallery to see pictures of traditional burial ground including premium graves and estates, as well as the choices available in our beautiful cremation garden.  To discuss any of the choices below, please contact us at 480-585-6060, and one of our family counselors will be happy to answer your questions.


At Mt. Sinai, there are paved walkways in front of every grave – no one needs to walk on a grave. All the graves face east-west towards Jerusalem, and there are 3 hand washing stations on the grounds for those wishing to partake in the tradition of washing one’s hands after visiting a cemetery.

In order to do a burial, there are 4 required costs:

  1. The grave referred to as the Interment Right
  2. The one-time Endowment Care fee for continual maintenance
  3. The Concrete Liner to maintain the integrity of the grave
  4. The Opening and Closing cost.

Some graves have a preinstalled Liner, which gives Mt. Sinai the ability to do a burial within 24 hours if requested.


Mt. Sinai believes that every person deserves a final resting place, a place where they can be remembered and their legacy honored. For those wanting an alternative option for their loved ones, Mt. Sinai offers a beautiful Cremation Garden. Through the iron-gated entrance, many desirable options exist for placement of cremated remains. A small covered Pavilion adjacent to the entry provides a welcoming and convenient place for the memorial service prior to the inurnment.

At a time of loss, great comfort comes from embracing the rich traditions of our Jewish faith.