Benefits of Planning Ahead

Honor your wishes, protect your family

It feels good knowing your plans are in order. Planning ahead provides you peace of mind that your personal wishes are known and protects your family from having to make tough decisions during a time of extreme stress and grief.

Preplanning is truly a gift you give to each other and your loved ones. By making your final decisions and arrangements now, before the need arises, you ensure peace of mind for yourself, and you know that your family will not have to make difficult decisions at a very trying time.

Pre-planning also removes the financial burden from your loved ones by locking in the price and avoiding potential increases at a later date. You also eliminate the possibility of emotional overspending at a very stressful and difficult time. Interest-free payment options are available.

At Mt. Sinai, we consider pre-planning as important a security for your family as a will or life insurance. Our staff is caring, knowledgeable and patient, and will listen to your personal requests to ensure your wishes are carried out as you desire. We are particularly mindful of our responsibility to provide guidance and counsel, care and compassion to all who seek our services.

Have you had The Conversation with your spouse and/or your family? Your wishes for your final arrangements is a subject which everyone wants to avoid. Everyone prefers to procrastinate. No one wants to feel uncomfortable or stressed.

However, without preplanning, there can sometimes be disagreement amongst family members at the time of need when these arrangements have to be finalized. There can be stress surrounding immediate payment, which is the only option at the time of need.

Have The Conversation. Avoid the stress, the uncertainty, the decision making. Your spouse and/or your family will be grateful that you’ve made this very difficult time in their lives much easier.

One of the most meaningful reasons to plan ahead is knowing the benefit it will have on your family. In planning your wishes ahead of time, you relieve the burden from your loved ones. In a time of grief and stress, making very difficult decisions is the last thing that anyone should need to do. Second guessing what you would have wanted creates unnecessary stress. Preplanning your final arrangements makes emotional sense. It is one the the greatest gifts you can give to those you love the most.

Advance planning is easy to do and ensures your wishes will be fulfilled. Whether you want traditional burial or a cremation garden option, our professional and helpful family counselors will assist you with your decisions at a time when there is no grief or stress. A contract detailing your arrangements will be finalized and payment arrangements made.

When you preplan at Mt. Sinai, we guarantee the prices you’ve paid no matter how many years later the grave or inurnment is needed. Our payment plan has NO interest, and the terms of the plan and monthly payment amount are customized for each client. Contact us for more information.

When the funeral service is held at Mt. Sinai, the cemetery can accommodate Veteran’s traditions such as the flag draping and folding, and gun salute and taps. Please contact us for any specific questions and more details.

At a time of loss, great comfort comes from embracing the rich traditions of our Jewish faith.