Alternative Burial

The Cremation Garden offers several alternative choices for your loved one’s cremated remains. Whether your preference is inurnment in the ground, or above-ground placement, their name will be etched in stone for generations to come.

Ground Burial Space

Full size graves exist to accommodate one of the two options:

  1. A traditional casket burial of one and the cremated remains of the other in the same grave (companion grave). This satisfies the couple who do not both desire cremation
  2. The burial of cremated remains for one or two in a single grave (companion burial).

For either purpose, a granite monument of your choice must be purchased and placed on the gravesite with an appropriate engraved inscription for both people.

Inurnment Graves

Inurnment Graves are for single cremation burials. These are small graves, in which the cremains are placed in an urn vault in the ground. A small granite monument of your choice must be purchased and placed on the grave with an appropriate inscription. If a couple chooses two inurnment spaces side-by-side, a double monument can be used.

Granite Boulders

A natural granite Boulder accommodates the cremains above ground. There are single or double boulders, which have 1 or 2 cylindrical sleeves cored into the top surface of the boulder to hold the cremains. A bronze cap including the name, and date of birth and death seals each opening. A beautiful bronze Star of David or Menorah can be added.

Cremation Pillars

Cremation Pillars accommodate one or two sets of cremated remains in a beautiful granite obelisk. The surname is placed on the bronze cap, and the pillar is engraved at the time of placement with the name, date of birth, etc.


The Columbarium is a beautiful serpentine granite wall with niches for cremated remains on both sides. There are single and double niches available. The black granite front of the niche will be engraved with the appropriate inscription.

At a time of loss, great comfort comes from embracing the rich traditions of our Jewish faith.